Account Activity Timeline 3.2

Here is one of my reports I am most proud of!

It will create a list of all past activities, group them per month place them on a timeline.

These can be activities for one account, or across an account hierarchy by filtering on the ‘corporate account name’ which is the representation of the hierarchy top level account, but it could be adapted to show for example the activities a salesrep has had with all contacts within an account.

This does not require any additional reporting software, this can be created and used on Oracle Sales Cloud instance.

Report catalog file: account timeline v 3.2.1.catalog

The latest release allows for drilldown on the activities and will generate the activity icons better.

This is a preview of what the report looks like in Sales Cloud.

timeline v2.0

Find out here how to import and export report catalog files.

11 thoughts on “Account Activity Timeline 3.2

  1. This is great Edward. I have uploaded the catalog within my instance and I notice that the icons displayed in your version are not appearing in mine. How did you reference these please?

    1. @Mel: I am using the awesome font to display the icons and I realize that they sometimes do not load quickly enough. I am reworking the timeline to no longer have this issue, expect a newer version soon 🙂

  2. Hi Edward,

    I am confused on how to actually import a catalog file to our BI. Specifically your Account Activity Timeline Report.

    1. Anthony,

      Download the catalog file. Use the unarchive option to upload the catalog file in your BI catalog in a directory where your users are allowed to run reports. Could you provide more details off what part of this process is causing you troubles?
      Once uploaded, check out the filters in the report, you will have to adapt them to your implementation. Right now it is hardcoded to show only activities for 1 account but this can easily be made context sensitive.


        1. Hi Edward,

          Thank you. I figured it out. We are fairly new to BI and didn’t know we could upload files to BI. What are the benefits of this feature that you tend to utilize? Is it possible to upload reports from CRMOD?


  3. Hi Edward,

    I am having trouble loading this into our instance of Sales Cloud. We’ve never uploaded catalog files before. I read your documentation and am having difficulty understanding the exact steps.


    1. Joe,

      Let me record a video this weekend on how to archive and unarchive these catalog files. I hope this will give you a better understanding of the process.


  4. Excellent! It surely help our sales team to improve their productivity.

    Thanks Edward..Keep sharing knowledge.

  5. Hello Edward,

    Is it possible to narrow down the size of activity boxes within the report so that report can fit in sales infolets. Even if I am choosing infolet dimension as 3*2 , it seem that report does not fit into dimension.


    1. Atif,

      Sure ! In the prefix box of the narrativ view, in one of the first few lines, you can set the height and width of the canvas (in pixels) and the rest of the image will size accordingly


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