Calendar Appointment Colors

Have you noticed how the calendar appointments are color coded?  Each type of appointment has its own color so users visually can easily understand what type of appointments are scheduled in their agenda.


The colors can off course be changed to whatever colors you prefer.

Here is how it is done:

  • log on to sales cloud as an administrator
  • choose ‘Setup and Maintenance’ from the navigator
  • search for the task with name ‘Manage Activity Standard Lookups’
  • search for the lookup type ‘Activity Category Type Values’

The list of possible activity types can be maintained here, but also the color codes for the appointments is assigned.

But also for each of the activity types, we can specify the color code in the ‘tag’ column.


Notice how these codes are not actual colors, but rather codes that represent colors.  There are many websites that will allow you to find the codes that match your preferred colors, websites like this one

Not specifying a color will result in an agenda filled with dull grey colored appointments.


3 thoughts on “Calendar Appointment Colors

  1. Hello!
    In Release 11, I can’t find this specific lookup… ( ‘Activity Category Type Values’)
    How can I put colors for appointments?


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