Call Report App published

The Call Report App for Oracle Sales Cloud has been released.

This is a single-purpose app, focused to be extremely efficient in supporting one particular activity all sales reps have to perform regularly.

It allows the sales reps to prepare their upcoming appointments and complete them in a minute or less. Open this app to view your next meeting, create a call report for your completed meeting, and update the related opportunity for future reference. You can also e-mail a call report summary to the meeting attendees and post it on Oracle Social Network.

It is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


The screenshot below shows how salesreps can update information about an opportunity (sales stage, close date, …) and also update information about a meeting (meeting minutes, attendees, …), all on the same screen, and then providing the option to share the meeting results with the sales team via Oracle Social Network, or with the meeting attendees through one-click email.



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