Learning how to copy paste

When developing a report, have you ever tried to copy paste a value from your report results and realized a copy option was not available?  HTML to the Rescue !

The problem

Imagine you are building a report.  You want to hard code a filter to simulate a prompt or a drilldown from an application page or a report.  Instead of writing down the ID value, you try to copy paste the ID as … why would you not … until you realize that copy paste is not an option.

copy paste not working

Selecting the value with your mouse in order to copy the selected text does not work either.  So writing down the ID is all you can do?  Count those 0’s carefully !

The ‘I cannot believe I never found this earlier’ copy paste solution

Yes, there is an easier solution to this.  I cannot believe I never found this myself, but today, my colleague Michiel showed me how with a little click, in such an easy an obvious way, you can make the copy paste work: Preview your report results in printable HTML

copy paste almost working

and …. copy paste works !

copy paste working

Thanx Michiel !

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