Customer Service Executive Content Pack

A few months ago, I already posted about the first Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) content pack for Sales Cloud, the Sales VP Content Pack, being made available.  Well … here is another one, the Customer Service Executive Content Pack for Engagement Cloud.

The following analysis templates are included in the content pack:

  • Overview: Provides the service executive with a snap shot of the overall health of the service organization, calling out exceptions
  • Channel and Issue Analysis: Relates to analysis around the types (categories) of issues that your customers face and the most popular channels of engagement for issue resolution
  • Closure and Compliance: Shows issue closure trends, channels used for issue resolution and the compliance rates across products
  • Customer Review: Focuses on the service issues faced by top customers by open revenue. Brings to light issues that are pending resolution and whether adequate attention is being paid to resolve these
  • Team Performance: provides a comparative picture of team performance on key aspects of service delivery and compliance.

What is a Content Pack

Oracle Engagement Cloud comes with amazing reporting capabilities.  They allow for amazing operational analysis based on the real-time data available in Engagement Cloud, often referred to as ‘OTBI’.  Data Visualization Cloud Service is an additional reporting tool, not included in a Engagement Cloud license that can provide support for a different kind of analysis.  It is complementary to Engagement Cloud if:

  • You want to combine Engagement Cloud data with information from other system
  • You want to combine Engagement Cloud data with data contained in Excel files
  • You want to do what-if analysis
  • You want to browse and discover data rather than just consume reports made for you by someone else

But DVCS is application agnostic, it is an empty toolbox that allows you to create reports and dashboards yourself using data that resides in the applications you connect to.  This is where the content packs provide you with a head-start !

Content Packs are free-off-charge, read-to-use, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service.

As DVCS is not included in any Engagement Cloud license, this content is only useful when you also have a DVCS service subscription with Oracle also.

What comes with a Content Pack

DVCS cannot connect directly to Engagement Cloud to retrieve data. It relies on traditional OTBI reports to provide data access.  A content pack therefore comes with the following assets:

  • Engagement Cloud OTBI reports that can be uploaded to any Engagement Cloud instance.  They provide DVCS access to Engagement Cloud data.  These come in the format of a ‘.catalog’ file which can be unarchived back into reports in Engagement Cloud
  • DVCS analysis files that consume the data made available through the above described OTBI reports and allow end users to discover that data with DVCS using the out-of-the-box reports and .
  • A user guide

Where to find the Customer Service Executive Content Pack?

The content packs can be downloaded as additional assets to your Engagement Cloud instance from Oracle Customer Connect.  The Customer Service Exec Content pack can be downloaded here !

Customer Service Executive Content Pack

Have fun discovering your Engagement Cloud Cloud data !!

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