Global search on other/custom fields

Global Search is a great feature in R9. We can search across objects, or just the objects we specify, and get a global search result list.
What appears in the list and the fields that the global search is looking through is actually configurable through a set of setup tasks.

For all these tasks:

  • log on to sales cloud as an administrator
  • choose ‘Setup and Maintenance’ from the navigator
  • search for name ‘Manage Search View Objects’

One task called ‘Manage Search View Objects’ is there to configure which fields the global search needs to index and make available for search, and which fields appears in the search result list.

Choose the object for which you want to change the global search behavior. Once changes have been made in the following screens, here is where the re-indexing for the search can be started

Once an object has been chosen, here you can specify in different levels of detail which fields are being shown in the search result screens. All the fields added to the search result layouts are also the fields that the global search is looking through.

Adding fields here will result in those fields being search upon and being shown in the search result

The ‘Manage Auto Suggest’ is very interesting to check out too.

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