How to build a named account territory

Most often when we talk about territory management, we describe the process of chopping up a customer portfolio by dimensions; by product, by geography, by industry, …

But often, territories are needed to manage just a few accounts, or maybe just one account including that accounts entire account hierarchy.

This is very easy to setup in Sales Cloud:

  • log on to sales cloud as a territory administrator
  • choose ‘Territories and Quotas’ from the navigator.  This will bring you to the backoffice admin UI, as this is a admin activity
  • create or open up a new territory proposal
  • in your territory hierarchy, make your named account territory
  • ignoring all dimensions, add your customer(s) in the territory coverage
  • delete the dimensions criteria so that you will no longer see ‘any’ in every dimension column

The result should look something like this

named account territory

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