How many reports can a user see?

In Sales Cloud there are many locations where reports and dashboard can be integrated in the UI:

  • on the ‘Dashboard’
  • under ‘Analytics’
  • on the sidetabs of the list views(opportunity list, lead list, …)
  • on a sidetab for any record (every account, every contact, …)

Most of these locations you have full control of what reports the user sees.  The user sees the reports you put there, except for the analytics as shown in the screenshot below, a user can see here a long list of reports and dashboards …


… depending on his permissions.  Yes also hear you can control how much reports a user sees  You can control it per user, or per role.

This is how it works:

  • log on to the BI environment as BI administrator
  • in the blue menu, choose ‘Catalog’

Here reports are made available to users, grouped into folders. For every folder you can set permissions who is allowed, by username or role, to see and use the reports in Oracle Sales Cloud.  Under ‘More’, choose ‘Permissions’ and add as many permissions as you need.
Notice how on folders, you can set permissions that are applicable for all sub-folders and reports in the folders.


The same permissions can be set for reports and dashboards.


A last way to make regulate report access through analytics is by setting their visibility.

Reports can be hidden or not.  In the analytics tab, you can only see reports that are not hidden. Notice the checkbox in the BI catalog to see hidden reports anyway if you want to access them through the BI tools.


This is very useful in the following situation.  Imagine the following:

  • you have made a report
  • you added the report to a dashboard and added dashboard filters
  • you add permissions so users can use your dashboard
  • you have to set permissions to the report too, otherwise the dashboard cannot use the report- you then set the report to hidden, so the user cannot find it in the analytics list, but he can find the dashboard, and the dashboard knows it is allowed to show the report !

I hope this gives you an idea of how flexible you are in regulating access to reports to users!

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