Rule Based Recommendations

Based on rules, we can make appear recommendations on each of the account screens. These rules are added manually. I would not call it predictive analysis, but rather something that is closer to sales coaching. As an organization experiences how their customers are buying from them, analysts can add these rules manually, and help more junior sales not to forget to talk about a certain product when meeting a customer.


This is how it works:

  • Log on to Sales Cloud as sales analyst
  • From the navigator, choose ‘Recommendations’
  • From the task list, choose ‘Manage Rules’

Choose to show ‘Rule Folders’

As this is not an activity typically done by sales reps or sales management, but by the more back office oriented analysts, the admin side of sales predictor is off course happening not in the simplified UI where we can see the results, but in the professional UI.

Rule folders are groups of rules. These are important since lead generation from rules, which I will discuss in a next post, is done against rule folders, not individual rules. Rule folders also group the 2 different rules types together, defining a dependency between them.

Create a new rule folder, fill in the details, set the status to ‘Production’ if you want to use the rules immediately, and save.

rule based recommendations

Choose to show ‘Rules’

Here rules can be defined. There are 2 types of rules:
Eligibility rules: Eligibility rules are rules that define whether or not a product should ever be considered for recommendation by a production rule
Prediction rules: Prediction rules are rules that will generate the recommendation for accounts or contacts.

The most simple example to see the sales predictor work is just use a prediction rule which will then be valid for all accounts (or contacts).

The following is a oversimplified example off course.  The simplest of target products, with the simplest of conditions


Once a rule has been defined, you can check the results immediately as shown in the first picture.

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