Simplified Recommendations

Building up the rules for recommendations and lead generations, as explained in the previous 2 articles of this mini series, is a powerfull tool in the hands of an analyst who knows what he is doing.  It is the type of added value CRM solutions are supposed to bring to sales organizations: Driving sales behaviour by recommending new products and generating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on buying patterns that have been identified.But what if organizations do not have a full time analyst?  What if the buying patterns are not easy to understand? What if this all is a bit too complex compared to the size of your sales organization?

Oracle Sales Cloud also provides a simplified version of the sales predictor.  This aspect of the sales predictor only works using recommendation rules, in the Simplified UI.

The following activities cannot be performed in the simplified Sales Predictor and remain reserved for the original version:

  • Eligibility Rules
  • Rule Based Lead Generation
  • Model Based Recommendations
  • Model Based Lead Generation

But for what it does, the way sales predictor works in this simplified version is identical to the original version though:

  • Recommendation rules can be defined


  • Simulations for recommendation rules can be performed


  • Detailed analysis to understand the impact of the recommendations and lead generation is also available


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