Next 10 activities report 3.0

Looking for a different view on your next scheduled activities in Sales Cloud?  Why not show them in an infolet by using something similar to my next 10 activities report.

Feel free to give it a try, you can download it here: Next 10 Open Activities List v 3.0.catalog

Next 10 activities report

Find out here how to import and export report catalog files.

2 thoughts on “Next 10 activities report 3.0

  1. Thank you for version 1 as well as V3
    After import, 1 issue I’ve faced is that the icons do not show up. Only outer circle with a blank square inside.

    Do I need to load the icons prior to it or change the path in the Narrative View code?

    1. Gaurav,
      This report uses a font called ‘Font Awesome’. I use the library at but that needs to load. There is a delay build into the report of 1 second for the font to load, but apparently this is not enough for you: the blank squares are an indication the font has not loaded in time. You have 2 options here:

      1. Increase the delay time which is defined in the report itself
      2. Host the library in a place where it can be loaded quicker

      Good Luck !

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