Oracle Enterprise Repository

The Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) is a service repository that, in the tradition of SOA service repositories, contains detailed information on the services describing the related application(s).
Services are not just web services. A service can be an anything from a web service to Oracle Sales Cloud as a whole.

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The OER therefore contains a wealth of information, more than you probably would imagine. From high level entity relationship diagrams to detailed database and column descriptions.
For each of the returned results, there is always a list of different versions for which this documentation exists. Make sure you check out the version that matches the version you are using.


Here are a few examples of what you can find when browsing through the OER, but there is much MUCH more. And this is a public website available not just to Oracle employees, but to customers and partners too !

1. datamodels
e.g. search for ‘sales’, type ‘data model diagram’, product family ‘sales’
You will discover all the technical and logical data diagrams

2. web service documentation
e.g. search for ‘estimated compensation’, type ‘ADF Service’, product family ‘Incentive Compensation’.
You will find detailed webservice description, including XSD’s, detailed descriptions of all methods and all parameters

3. table and column descriptions
e.g. search for ‘MOO_OPTY’, type ‘table’, product family ‘sales’
Look in the result list for MOO_OPTY and then the version that corresponds to the version of your instance. Here you find a description of the Opportunities table, and under details, a detailed description of each of the table columns.
Here you can find interesting details like, which lookup types are being used on these fields


4. file import documentation
e.g. search for ‘account import’, type ‘file based data import’, product family ‘sales’
you will find documentation on how the import process works, how to get started with file based import, and on all the attributes of an account that you can upload

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