Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile Strategy

Oracle Sales Cloud has a number of mobile applications available now.  They all fit somewhere in the mobile strategy that Sales Cloud is following.

There are 2 types of mobile applications:

  1. Multi Purpose Mobile Apps: These are applications that allow users to do a lot of different things.
  2. Single Purpose Mobile Apps: These are apps that are very efficient in completing only a small number of – most often just one – very specific tasks.

Here under is a list of all the mobile apps that can be used with Oracle Sales Cloud, and I only expect this list to become longer overtime as Oracle Sales Cloud evolves.   Each of them is expected to be used in a certain situation and the functionality provided by them has been targeted for that intended usage.  Do no expect to be able to create territory management proposals on a smart phone !

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

This is THE Oracle sales cloud multi purpose app that can be used for many different types of activities by salesreps: From managing opportunities, finding information on accounts and contacts, consulting a few key reports, executing appointments and tasks to submitting forecasts.


I have met salesreps who were expected to submit their forecast every Monday and who now can do this in their cars, stuck in a traffic jam on Monday mornings, thanks to Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile.  Hold on … or was it sales management who was most happy about this as their salesreps now no longer had an excuse not to submit them 😉

This app is available for smartphones and tablets.  It also comes with a demo mode in case you want to try it out.

Oracle Sales Cloud Call Report

This is THE archetype of a single-purpose smartphone app, focused to be extremely efficient in supporting one particular activity that all salesreps have to perform regularly: executing appointments.

The Call Report App allows salesreps to prepare their upcoming appointments and complete them in a minute or less. Open this app to view your next meeting, create a call report for your completed meeting, and update the related opportunity for future reference. You can also e-mail a call report summary to the meeting attendees and post it on Oracle Social Network.

mobStrategyCallReportThe screenshot above shows how salesreps can update information about an opportunity (sales stage, close date, …) and also update information about a meeting (meeting minutes, attendees, …), all on the same screen, and then providing the option to share the meeting results with the sales team via Oracle Social Network, or with the meeting attendees through one-click email.

It also comes with a demo mode in case you want to try it out.

Oracle Voice

Oracle Voice is a like a virtual assistant that allows salesreps to talk directly to the Oracle Sales Cloud on their iPhones.


In those situations where salesreps on the go cannot easily use a tablet or a laptop, Oracle Voice allows them to execute a small set of tasks by voice, in order to retrieve some information from Oracle Sales Cloud (find a contact, view a note, view an opportunity, …) or process little tasks without having to open up a laptop or having to start typing on a tablet (log a follow up meeting, update an opportunity sales stage, …).

Do not use while you drive !

Oracle Mobilytics

Oracle Mobilytics is a mobile iPad app, designed for sales management, that provides insight in how salesreps are managing their pipeline, and how sales teams are performing based on the information available in Oracle Sales Cloud.mobStrategyMobilytics Too often, I have seen sales managers asking their assistants to log into the CRM system in order to print a few report for them.  With this mobile app, these reports go wherever the sales manager goes.

It comes with a demo mode in case you want to try it out.

Oracle BI Mobile HD

All other reports created in Oracle Sales Cloud can be viewed on this mobile app.  Users still have to connect to the system off course, and they still can only see those reports that they are allowed to see, and only the data that corresponds to their territory, but at least they will no longer have to navigate through a menu and scan the different dashboards in order to find the reports they are looking for.



This app is available for smartphones and tablets.    It also comes with a demo mode in case you want to try it out.

Oracle Social Network

Oracle Social Network is the integrated collaboration platform in Oracle Sales Cloud.

The mobile app is a great way to stay up to date of what is happening within a sales organization, participate in conversations on an account, an opportunity or a sales training, comment on documents without having 10 different version of the document being used by different people, or to be alerted immediately when an opportunity sales stage was changed in Oracle Sales Cloud.


This app is available for smartphones and tablets.






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