Oracle Sales Cloud Release 13

Holiday season is coming to an end, the summer is winding down and just before we all get buried under a lot of work, why not have a look at all the brand new Oracle Sales Cloud Release 13 !

As always there are a few major themes and then a million other enhancements to discuss.  Little by little I hope to complete this series and share my own experiences as I discover all the new R13 features & functions.

Engagement Cloud v 2.0

Under the name of Engagement Cloud, service functionality was added to Sales Cloud in Release 12.  Where in the previous release, the ground works for this new component have been laid, Release 13 comes with an overwhelming amount of functionalities like chat, co-browse, a digital customer portal, field service integration and much more !!

User Experience

Another big focus for this release seem to have been the user experience of Sales Cloud & Engagement Cloud.  A lot of enhancements that will make using Sales Cloud even easier, support for Outlook 365 and the tablet support for the Enterprise Mobile app !!  I am really looking forward to try all of these out !

Other Release 13 Enhancements

Furthermore, Release 13 comes with a lot more other enhancements to discuss:

  • Off course there are some great analytics enhancements
  • Boosted asset management functionality
  • Support for multiple assessments of the same type
  • Product eligibility rules
  • Simplified Forecasting

and much more …

I am looking forward to share my thoughts on all of them with you !

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