Partner Announcements

If you decide to extend the reach of your sales organization through partners, you might want to share some information with them also.  Oracle Sales Cloud allows you to do that through partner announcements and the Social Network.

Partner Announcements

Partner Announcements are an essential means of communication between a sales organization and their partners. Partner announcements work exactly like internal announcements in the way they show up in the UI and in the way that you can create them.  They are shown to every partner user logging into Oracle Sales Cloud and are ideal to share generic information like:

  • a new sales training
  • a marketing campaign that is organized for a new product launch
  • a party partners and their customers can attend

partner announcements

Channel Managers have a lot of flexibility when creating announcements for the partners they manage.  They can create them for all partners, or select a specific segment of partners they want to target.

partner announcements designOracle Social Network

For collaboration on individual accounts, opportunities or any other type of record, partner users can also participate in Social Network conversations as I described already in this other post.

Notice already in the screenshot below how conversations where partners participate are clearly marked.  Everybody participating in the conversation should be aware that whatever is shared will be shared with external participants also.  You might want to know when not so to share sensitive information right?


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