Product Eligibility Rules

Using territory management in Sales Cloud, it is already possible to specify which users (in which territories) are allowed to sell which products.  But we now have product eligibility rules on top of territory management that allows you indicate whether products, although available, are actually allowed to be sold or not.

Imagine a life sciences company wanting to sell their latest product in a country but waiting for the local regulator to approve the new product.  They probably want their salesreps to start already selling the product as sales cycles might take a long time, but they want to give their users a warning that the actual sales cycle cannot be closed … yet.

Product eligibility rules can be created per product to indicate in which geographies salesreps need to be careful positioning parts of their product portfolio.

Product Eligibility Rules on Opportunity

There are many usages for this functionality though.  What about just an ordinary new product launch were similar to the use case above, salesreps are allowed to start selling the new product based on the product specs, but them being reminded hat the product cannot be shipped yet.  Let me know how you are going to use it !

Product Eligibility Rules

To enable product eligibility rules, beside some setup to enabled the mechanism, the actual rules need to be created also.  This is done in the product catalog using the Setup & Maintenance task: Manage Product Groups.

Product Eligibility Rules definition

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