R10 Advanced Search

Sales Cloud has had many ways of searching for information.

  1. Global Search is a search mechanism that would find data throughout the system, across all available sources of information.  If you search for a name, the global search might find accounts and/or contacts matching that name, but also opportunities, activities leads or any other source of data that might use this name anywhere.
  2. Work area search is a search mechanism that will find data within one particular source of information.  In the example below, the search will only retrieve accounts that match the search criteria, nothing else.
  3. List Management was introduced to allow users to define searches that could be saved and reused for easy data access.

In Release 10, a new search mechanism called ‘Advanced Search’ was added.

  1. Advanced Search is an upgrade to List Management in R10.  It is still all about defining and saving searches that can be reused, but the way these searches are defined has changed completely:
    • The biggest difference is the fact that whilst you add or refine search criteria, the results are immediately visible.  You can much easier evaluate if your search criteria deliver the search results you were looking for.
    • These searches still can be saved.  Once saved and used, by clicking on the advanced search icon, the saves searched criteria can be made visible again for further refinement.
    • These saved searches are available on mobile, tablet and computer devices.

R10 List Management


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