R11 User Experience Enhancements

The ‘Simplified UI’ was introduced a couple of release ago. The goal was to simplify the User Experience, from a classic business look-and-feel application to a modern consumer looking mobile app.  The UI transformation has transformed how we use Sales Cloud, inline with other consumer apps that we are used to use without having had training.

Previously, the User Experience for the majority of the users of Sales Cloud – the salesreps and sales managers – was simplified.  In the latest release, the transformation of those elements in Sales Cloud that are used by the back-office users within a sales organization – the admins and analysts – have had their makeover.  On top of that a number of new smartphone applications have been released to make certain specific tasks in Sales Cloud a lot more accessible while on the road.

Let me got through all the User Experience enhancements in more detail.  My apologies for the overload of screenshots, but I guess that is the point of addressing the User Experience 😉

Continuous evolution of the User Experience

The market of mobile devices continuous to evolve and our expectations from mobile apps are changing faster than ever before.  Enhancements to the User Experience of Sales Cloud will off course never stop, but it feels like a major overhaul was completed with the makeover of those elements in Sales Cloud that are targeted to back-office type of users as I described above.  Here are some examples:

BI Composer


Functional Setup Manager

new user experience fsm

App Composer


Incentive Compensation


Territory Management


Quota Management


Sales Predictor


Homepage Infolets

The homepage infolets can now easily be rearranged through drag and drop, whilst all the other infolets will rearrange accordingly.

drag drop infolets

Enhanced Call Report App

The call report app allows salesreps on the road to have everything on hand in one little efficient app to prep, execute and finish their appointments.

My Day


Contact a Contact


New Deal Management App

The Deal Management app allows channel managers to process incoming deal requests from their partners while on the move.

Deal Registrations


Approve or Reject


Opportuity Details


New Mobile Commissions App

The mobile commissions app allows sales reps and sales managers to stay up to date on their achievements and how these contribute to their compensation package.





New Consumer Goods Retail Execution App

To support the retail reps with their daily visits, the Consumer Goods vertical of Sales Cloud was complemented with a mobile app that support the retail execution process.  This tablet app, available for iOS and Android devices, works both in online and offline mode.

retail execution app

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