R12 Analytics Enhancements

As with every new version of Sales Cloud, there are quite a few R12 analytics enhancements.  And as Analytics is one of my favorite subjects, I off course had to test and try all of them.

Service Infolets

The easiest new analytics feature to discover is the set of service infolets that come with Engagement Cloud.  They get they own service infolet page next to the sales infolet page.  A new service infolet is added to Engagement Cloud in exactly the same way as a new sales infolet is added.

R12 Analytics Enhancements service infolets

Additional Dashboards

Infolets in Sales Cloud give the end user to get an overview of their key performance indicators.  Drilldowns can be added to drill from an infolet into more detailed reports and dashboards.  As of release 12, end users can access dashboards directly without having to drill into an infolet first.

Here are a few examples screenshots of what is possible when configuring the additional dashboards.

Single Dashboard with prompts

Complete dashboards with dashboard prompts can be added to these dashboard pages

additional single dashboards

Multiple Reports

Or just a few reports on separate tiles if that is what you are looking for

additional dashboards multiple reports

Report with Drilldown

And off course drilldown to navigate from a report to the related application data works also.

additional dashboards reports with drilldown

Data Visualization

Oracle has expanded dramatically their analytics offering over the last couple of years as additional BI tools have been developed.  One of these new BI offerings is Data Visualization Cloud Service.

Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) is not part of Sales Cloud but can act as a fantastically complementing data exploration solution.  In order to give any Sales Cloud user a head start when adding DVCS to Sales Cloud, Sales Cloud release 12 comes with out of the box content for DVCS.  Without having to export any data from Sales Cloud (as DVCS can consume Sales Cloud data directly), as part of the R12 analytics enhancements, a set of out-of-the-box Sales Cloud related reports and dashboards can be used by DVCS users.

Here are a only few examples of the available analysis’ that the content pack for DVCS with Sales Cloud release 12 offers.

Open Opportunity Map

Provides information related to Open opportunity revenue By Sales stage, Win probability & Resource Name. Also contains KPI’s such as Average Deal Size & Average Sales cycle.

sales cloud dvcs open opportunity map

Pipeline Trend YOY

The Pipeline trend analysis provides insights related to current revenue comparison with the Past, and the overall health indicator of the current pipeline.

sales cloud dvcs pipeline trend yoy

Product Revenue Line Trend

The Product line revenue trend analysis shows business performance of products based on revenue, pipeline and quarter.

sales cloud dvcs product revenue line trend

Contact and Activity Analytics Sidetabs

Have you noticed how we can add additional tabs on a list screen?  These additional tabs are ideal to add reports and dashboards that give insight on the related list in a completely different way.

Notice in the screenshot below, how on the opportunity list screen, an additional analytics tab provides deeper inside in the opportunities in order to better understand them.

additional list side tabs

Such additional side tabs on list screens have now been made available in release 12 also contacts and activities.

New Subject Areas

As with every release of Sales Cloud, new functionalities are accompanied by new reporting subject areas.

Here is an overview of the new subject areas that come with Sales Cloud release 12:

  • Engagement cloud subject areas
    • Service – CRM Service Requests Real Time
    • Service – CRM Service Request Resource Real Time
    • Service – CRM Service Request Messages Real Time
  • Partner relationship management subject areas
    • Sales – CRM MDF Budget
    • Sales – CRM MDF Claim
    • Sales – CRM MDF Claim Settlement
    • Sales – CRM MDF Request
    • Sales – CRM Opportunity Partner
    • Sales – CRM Partner Business Plan
  • Sales performance management subject areas
    • Participant Performance Subject Area

These subject areas can as usual be combined with already existing subject areas.

Custom Subject Area Enhancements

Last but not least, the way we can expose custom objects defined in App Composer for reporting has been fine tuned as part of the R12 analytics enhancements:

  • M:1 relationships can now be chosen as related objects, rather than child objects.
  • When creating custom subject areas, implicit facts no longer need to be defined as this step has been automated for you.
  • Aggregate account, partner, territory, and resource hierarchies in reports when joining standard and custom subject areas.

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  1. Sorry, I am not clear on what is new in rel12 w.r.to Data visualization. We were able to pull any reports even from rel11 application. So whats new in rel12 of OSC?

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