R12 User Experience Enhancements

As with all new Sales Cloud release, there are lots of R12 user experience enhancements.

Homepage Personalization

The Sales Cloud navigator represents the total list of functionality accessible to you.  The navigator is accessible through the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top menu bar.  This list can get long though and that is why the homepage springboard serves as a great way to ‘bookmark’ your most often used functions in Sales Cloud.  In release 12, it becomes a lot easier for a user to specify which icons from the navigator should be added to the springboard.

homepage personalization

Using the personalization icon (red arrow), a user can specify which navigator icons should be added to the springboard.

More Pagination Dots

On the Sales Cloud homepage, until now, you could choose to use the spring board to navigate too sales cloud functions or you could choose to learn from the Sales Infolets.  With the addition of service functionality under the banner of Engagement Cloud, you now also have a Service Infolets accessible through a 3rd pagination dot on top of the homepage.  An introduction to how add infolets can be found here.

service infolets

As or Release 12, additional pagination dots can be added to host custom build dashboards.  I will share a few examples on my post on R12 analytics enhancements.

more dashboard pages

Engagement Cloud UX Patterns

When working on opportunities as a sales rep, you typically work on one after the other.  The user experience was designed in such a way that from the opportunity list, you could easily navigate from one opportunity to the other.

As a service agent, you are sometimes working on multiple service requests at a time.  In order to accommodate for this, multiple service requests can be opened at the same time due to a new user experience pattern that was introduced with Engagement Cloud whereby multiple tabs are created on the top of the service request page, one for each open service requests.

multiple service request tabs

Notice how the first tab always points to the service request list.

Simplified Preferences

The user preferences page finally was redesigned to match the Simplified UI experience.

simplified preferences

Too many buttons … no more

Did you ever by accident add so many buttons on a screen that they started to overlap the screen title?  This is not possible anymore.  From release 12 onward, if you add too many buttons on a screen, a little overflow menu will automatically appear to avoid this.

button overflow

PS: you could off course also hide those extra buttons under the actions menu 😉

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