Release 11 Analytics Enhancements

As with every new release of Oracle Sales Cloud, new features come with new the reporting capabilities.  Some of the Release 11 Analytics Enhancements are cute, some are very useful but a few are opening up a whole new set of reporting options, especially the one I will discuss last in this post.

Homepage Infolets

The homepage infolets can now easily be rearranged through drag and drop, whilst all the other infolets will rearrange accordingly.

Release 11 Analytics drag and drop infolets

New Oracle BI User Experience

As soon as you connect to Oracle BI in order to create or change a report or a dashboard in Sales Cloud R11, you will notice that massive change in the User Experience.  This is a pure cosmetic change though, nothing functionally has changed but it does look a lot better.  Here are some screenshots of what Oracle BI now looks like in Sales Cloud:

Oracle BI Homepage


Browsing the Catalog


Creating a Report


Subject Areas

As new functionality was added to Sales Cloud, new subject areas were released also with new out-of-the-box reports and dashboards as well:

  • Asset reporting
  • Relationship reporting
  • PRM Business Plan reporting
  • PRM Marketing Development Fund reporting

Nice changes have been made to the existing Subject Areas also:

  • We now can report on long text fields
  • We now can report on Account and Contact Notes
  • We now can report across a partner hierarchy

biPartnerHierarchyAnd last but definitely not least, we now can create reports that combine a custom subject areas and standard subject areas.  This sounds like a very technical feature – and it is – but it opens up a whole new set of reporting options.  It allows us to be much more creative when creating reports and instead of writing a lot more about it, I will soon make a video on this for my BI Video Tutorial.

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