BI plugin for Excel and Powerpoint

I was playing with the BI tools underneath Sales Cloud again and I ran into the set of BI plugin called: BI Desktop Tools.
Intrigued by what it could provide I tried the MS Powerpoint and MS Excel plugin and it is FANTASTIC!

You basically can integrate Sales Cloud reports into an excel spreadsheet or a powerpoint presentation. This is not like exporting data to excel, this is the data BEING excel. You can format the report data in Excel, and when you hit the refresh button IN Excel, the data refreshes, but the formatting stays!

Imagine how easy it would be if a sales manager only would have to push a refresh button inside the powerpoint presentation he used last week, to prepare for this weeks sales management meeting.

Imagine how easy it would be is a sales admin only would have to push a refresh button inside his favorite excel spreadsheet in order to have the latest data directly from Sales Cloud or any other application.

This is exactly what this plugin can do for you!

BI excel powerpoint

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