Synopsis Mobile Sales Cloud Reporting

I introduced Synposis in a previous post but I wanted to elaborate on that.  Let me explain how any Sales Cloud user could use it in an every day Synopsis mobile Sales Cloud reporting situation.  If you have not read the introduction post, you might want to read that post first before continuing here.

In order to enable Synopsis for Sales Cloud, 3 things have to be enabled:

  1. Sales Cloud data needs to be distributed out to Synopsis users
  2. Synopsis reports need to build on the received data
  3. Synopsis reports need to be reusable (spoiler alert, they are by default)

Here are the details of my little experiment.

Distributing Sales Cloud Data

Before I could use Synopsis to analyze Sales Cloud data, I needed somehow to get Sales Cloud data to my mobile phone.  First I created a simple report to gather the data I wanted to use in this test.

Synopsis Data Gathering

Using a BI Delivers agent, I scheduled the report daily and had the content in CSV format sent to my email address.  Once received, opening the email on a mobile phone should then allow me to analyze the data with Synposis.

Synopsis Data Scheduling

In case you want to try this yourself:

Synopsis Mobile Sales Cloud Reporting

Synposis Email 1Having received the first email containing the report data in CSV format, I could import the data into Synopsis and create any type of analysis I needed on my mobile phone, just like I explained in my initial Synopsis post.

Synopsis Mobile Sales Cloud Reporting

Reusing reports on new data

The report was scheduled, but I did not want to wait a full day to see ho this would work out so I cheated and ran it manually a second time to simulate receiving the report twice.

Synopsis email 2

As expected, I received the same email containing the same type and structure of Sales Cloud data.  Instead of creating the analysis all over again for this second csv file, I could simply apply the Synopsis project I created when I received the report the first time !

Synopsis Project Reuse

How easy was that !  Let me know how it works out for you !

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