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You ever received emails like this?  You are having a drink in a bar after a long day at work and that information you requested but only expected tomorrow turns up in an email now already?  And as you pressed to get the data, you feel obliged to have a look and share some feedback already …. but all you have is the email on your mobile phone … Oracle Synopsis to the rescue !!

Synopsis is a FREE mobile reporting app from Oracle that allows you to quickly analyze excel files.  It has been available for Android on the Google Play Store for a while and now recently was released for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Let me walk you through a flow that shows how easy Synopsis is to use and how powerful it is to analyze data quickly on a mobile phone

Opening an excel file on a mobile phone with Synopsis

So you received an email with an excel sheet attached.

Opening it up on a mobile phone is a brave thing to do, but trying to understand the data it contains on such a small screen is an impossible task.  Too many columns, too many rows, and that after a few drinks ….

But you have installed Oracle Synopsis on your phone and you use it to open up the excel file

Automatic content analysis

Synopsis will now import the file and analyze its content.  It will try and identify the metrics columns and the contextual data columns.

If the analysis did not match exactly with your expectations you can make yourself some adjustments later in order to analyze the file correctly.

And then the analysis can start

Once the import has been completed, you are prompted with a default project to start the analysis of your excel file.  Just click on it to continue

After some last adjustments on how Synopsis needs to use the metrics, how fields need to be summarized and displayed, just click on any of the available metrics and watch the magic unfold 🙂

Based on how Synopsis has understood your data, it will prompt you with a number of default reports:

  • Time based analysis on a timeline
  • Categories on a pie chart

Changing the default reports

Not happy with the default layouts Synopsis has generated?  Just click on any of them to make some changes

The bottom left icon allows you to change the way the data needs to be used

Or you can add some filters to narrow your analysis down on just a part of the data in the excel sheet

The middle icon allows you to change how your data needs to be visualized.

The bottom right icon is there to share your reports

Sharing your conclusions

And once you are happy with your conclusions, you can share your analysis with others

Using your favorite communication channel.

And all of that on a mobile phone: Just AMAZING !

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