Task Templates

When managing opportunities and leads, creating tasks for yourself or the account teams involved in order to organize the workload is a day to day activity.  Why not organize the typical tasks that need to be performed throughout the sales cycles into task templates and make your job a little easier !

Task Templates

Task templates are groups of tasks that can be added to leads or opportunities together in one action instead of having to assign them one by one.  A good example of a task template in the software industry could be all he related activities around the negotiation of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  At a certain moment in time such a process has to be started.  The legal teams from the parties involved need to agree by a certain date on the exact wording of the NDA and in order to get there, always the same set of tasks need to be performed.  Instead of creating these one after the other, why not create a prebuilt task template that can create all the needed tasks for you in one simple action.

From the navigator, choose ‘Setup and Maintenance’ and search for one of the following tasks:

  • ‘Manage Sales Task Template’ to manage task templates to be used on opportunities
  • ‘Manage Sales Lead Task Template’ to manage task templates to be used on leads

Once you choose one of thee 2 tasks, depending on where task templates need to be made available, task templates can be defined and related task can be added.

task templates

In order for end users to add tasks through templates to leads and opportunities, in App Composer, the button to allow users to use task templates needs to be added to the layout those users are using when adding tasks to opportunities or leads.  For this, switch the ‘Create Task’ button with the ‘Create Task + Create Tasks from Template’ button on the ‘Embedded Task List’ layouts.

task templates add button

Instead of having the option for just adding a new task to an opportunity or lead, an additional option is available to choose a task template when adding activities to opportunities.

task templates use button

From a list, one of the available templates can be chosen and the related tasks are added to your opportunity.

task templates added tasks

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