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Fridays are often days where dressing casually, and having a drink during happy hours are fun ways to work yourself into a weekend. Let me write a serious post about a – what seems to be a trivial, but powerful – feature of Sales Cloud: the HEEEELP function !

When using the application Help in Sales Cloud, you will find a huge amount of information. Finding too much information is actually sometimes a good thing, it allows you to discover things that you did not know off, but most often it is extremely annoying

There are easy ways to filter out help articles by starting your search through a ‘business process’ or by selecting a functional domain under ‘products’



Did you know that the help actually can be configured?


Yes, in Oracle Sales Cloud, you can document your configurations in the standard Help function, by changing existing articles or writing brand new ones:

  • you can document how the standard sales process has been adapted to your business
  • you can document how you want users to forecast
  • you can document how custom objects have been implemented to meet certain business requirements
  • you can enrich the help by adding images or videos

The Help function this way becomes a source of information for your users instead of just a last way out in case people get stuck.

The Help function actually is also a sort of a wiki, where users can leave comments on help articles, document how they execute certain tasks so their new colleagues can learn from your best practices.

Go try it out !

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