Using sandboxes on the mobile client

When using the App Composer to extend Sales Cloud, we work in sandboxes. Sandboxes that allow us to develop extensions isolated from other users who are using the same instance, unless we publish the sandbox or share the sandbox with other users.

Once an extension has been created, we can test the extension as long as the sandbox stays active. In the example below, I created a sandbox and I have added the field ‘Mobile Sandbox Test Field’ and have added it to the default layout.  When testing the extension I can see the field because my sandbox is active.  Anyone not using the sandbox will off course not see this extension.


When deploying this extension to the mobile client though, there seems to be a problem.  We cannot activate a sandbox on the mobile client.  This would give the impression we cannot test extensions.

It is important to understand that as long as Sales Cloud knows that my user activated a sandbox, the sandbox will stay active for my user no matter what client I am using.  The mobile client will apply the sandbox also!  Without having to choose a sandbox on the mobile client, the mobile client will use the sandbox anyway which allows me to test the extensions on the mobile client.

In the example below, I can see the extension I created to show this concept.


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