Voice and Image Attachments

Did you know that using the Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile app, you can directly create voice and image attachments using your tablet or mobile phone?

native mobile integrationOracle Sales Cloud mobile is native mobile app meaning that it does not run in a browser but is a proper standalone app that can communicate with Sales Cloud, and that is aware of the device it is running on.  This awareness allows the end user to be much more efficient is using Sales Cloud on the road:

  • As a mobile phone has GPS functionality, the location of the phone can be used by the ‘Around Me’ functionality to show which customer, contacts or opportunities are near you
  • As we can send emails on smart phones, the Oracle Sales Cloud mobile app can send emails directly to sales teams or account contacts
  • Phone calls can be initiated directly from a phone number inside Oracle Sales Cloud mobile, and once a phone call ends, the user will be prompted with an option to log the phone call as a completed activity of type ‘call’

But there is one type of native capabilities related to making attachments that is easily overlooked: Oracle Sales Cloud mobile allows you natively to add images or voice recordings as attachments.



image attachmentsImage Attachments

As a mobile phone has a photo camera, an image can be taken and directly added as an attachment to any record in Sales Cloud.

This can be useful in so many ways:

  • Imagine how sales reps could take picture of competitive assets installed at customers so you can analyze what assets those are and how you can replace them by yours, or start servicing them through your service contracts.
  • Sales reps could take images where new assets need to be installed so your quotes can include accurate installation costs based on the analysis of the place where the assets need to be installed
  • Retail reps could take pictures in supermarkets of product prices so these can be analyzed by a back office department for accuracy




voice attachment 2voice attachment 1Voice Recording Attachments

Using the microphone on your mobile phone, you can make a voice recording and add it as an attachment to Oracle Sales Cloud.  Always make sure you are allowed to make a recording first or you might get in trouble afterwards 🙂







These attachments stay available on the mobile app but are off course also available through the browser interface so the rest of the sales team can review them.

Voice and Image Attachments

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