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My name is Edward Dewolf and I live in Brussels, Belgium

I have done a lot of different things during Oracle career, from implementation consultant on eBusiness Suite, to appstech presales, but the last few years I have been working as a presales on Oracle Sales Cloud.

Analytics has been a constant throughout my profesional life and I will try to share my experiences on how it to use it to its fullest potential in Oracle Sales Cloud

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Edward,
    great blog. I really like the graphics/visuals. What tool are you using?

  2. Nice blog Edward, Good to see lot of material you have gathered which I see is based on your experience and not just canned stuff that is available everywhere 🙂

    I am new to Sales Cloud …was selling SFDC/Microsoft earlier.

    WIll reach out to you if I need any help on OSC features


    1. Saurabh, Thank you for your nice comment. These posts indeed reflect my personal experiences with Oracle Sales Cloud and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle

  3. Great work Edward. I would like to make a request to you – if you could make a piece on Contacts & Households in Sales cloud. In actual deployments what are aspects that differs between B2B and B2C contacts…

  4. Hi Edward ,
    Can you help me answer the following question:

    How to create a report with a map within the BI of the sales cloud.

    Andrés Hernández

    1. Andrés, first and for all do not forget that the new CX mobile enterprise app combines with amazing map support. If you want to do it in a report, I would use a regular report to get to the data you need and then combine it all in a narrative report where you use HTML and JavaScript to combine it with Google maps. Do not forget though to check google map usage licenses before using it in a professional environment 😉

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