Tutorial 3: Interactive Reports using View and Column Selectors

Enough introduction videos on Oracle BI for now!

I will from now on focus on making prototype reports in which I explain certain techniques.  This video will be about making reports interactive, using column and view selectors.

I will make a very basic table report, then add a graph.  I will combine both the table and the graph using a view selector.  Then I make it more interactive by adding a column selector.  To finish off this episode, I will show how a column selector can be used to make roll-up reports.

Everything I talk about is applicable to building reports for Oracle Sales Cloud or any other applications that uses this reporting tool. Other applications like:

  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Peoplesoft
  • e-Business Suite
  • or even custom built applications

Sometimes the user interface might be slightly different though.

PS: I have had little time lately to make new videos but I hope to make up for that in the upcoming weeks

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