R10 Sales Campaigns

Sales Campaigns have seen some nice enhancements in Oracle Sales Cloud Release 10.

But before I got into the details, I want to highlight the following

Sales Campaigns are not meant to replace Marketing Campaigns.  These Sales Campaigns are supposed to be used by salesreps, not by marketing.  Sales Campaigns are nothing more than a tool to help salesreps with their email communication between them and their contacts e.g. the announcement of a new product to the contacts they have a good relationship with.

Organizing, running and follow up proper of marketing campaigns require a tool like Oracle Marketing Cloud.

So what is new?

Adding Contacts

Segmenting contacts and adding them to a sales campaign has become a lot easier:

  • Contact lists from previous campaigns can not easily be reused
  • Contact lists can be created and stored for reuse later by means of saved searches whereby the search criteria are saved, not the exact list of contacts.

R10 SalesCampaigns Contacts

Lead Generation

Once a Sales Campaign has been submitted and launched, and once contacts start to react to the sent emails, a new option to convert these responses into leads has been made available.  I think this is a massive usability enhancement.

R10 SalesCampaigns Convert

A list of all the leads that have been created from each sales campaign is available on the sales campaign too which allows for even better follow up of the sales campaign.

R10 SalesCampaigns Leads


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