Tip & Trick 6: Hiding Default Interaction

Some times a report does not behave exactly as you expected, due to the fact that a BI Administrator defined some default behavior that you actually not need.
One example of such default behavior that I myself typically undo from my report asap, is the default interactions/drilldowns that have been implemented on some fields.

This video explain how to get rid of those unwanted interactions


3 thoughts on “Tip & Trick 6: Hiding Default Interaction

  1. Hello,

    I configured a dashboard however it does not fit the full browser in Analytics for the SUI. All the analysis’s created fit correctly when accessed separately however when I put all of them into a dashboard (Compound Layout) the dashboard is about fits about 3/4 of the space available and users are required to scroll down to the bottom and scroll to the right a to view he right side of the dashboard. I have made all “Best Fit” when I set a custom fit Example 2000 width it just makes you scroll further.

    I wonder if this is a dashboard issue or just an issue with Oracle where I would need to contact them.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Phil Toso

  2. I am interested in sending you a screen shot to illustrate the question/issue. If you emailed me I would gladly attach a screen shot.

    Phil Toso

  3. Edward,

    FYI I was just advised that this is a known issue and works as expected for the fix only in Release 11.

    Phil Toso

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