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A wordcloud is a great way to visualize data and indicate immediately which information is more important than others, or which data needs more attention than other.  I like to use a wordcloud to show which customers or opportunities should be getting more attention than others.

Disclaimer: This is not a finished report and should not be considered as such.  This is just a proof of concept to show what the reporting engine of CRM On Demand is capable of.

HTML is not a required skill for normal CRM On Demand report generation at all!  But using this technique enable a wide range of unusual data visualizations.

Here is all you need to make a Word Cloud report in CRM On Demand.  But before you try this out, you might want to learn more about how narrative views actually work by checking out this video recording

Result Example



  • This is a list of customers
  • Color matches the Customer Priority
  • The font size is calculated based on the revenue for that customer compared to the maximum value in table, and then multiplied by 50 or any other number that represents the largest font size you want to see in the word cloud
  • Customers with a font size less than 7, and corresponding product revenue values, have been filtered out because the font size would match a font size too small to read, and the report is highlighting important customers with high product revenue amount anyway
  • Hover over a customer name triggers a popup with more information for that customer

Criteria Fields

From the ‘Reporting’ subject areas, I used: ‘Accounts’

Field Name Calculated Field Formula
Account Name Account.”Account Name”
Account Priority Account.”Account Priority”
Product Revenue “Account Metrics”.”Product Revenue”
Closed Revenue “Account Metrics”.”Closed Revenue”
# Opportunities “Account Metrics”.”# of Opportunities”
# Leads “Account Metrics”.”# of Leads”
Font Size Yes “Account Metrics”.”Product Revenue”/MAX(“Account Metrics”.”Product Revenue”)*50

Criteria Filters

  • Font Size is greater than 7

Data Formatting

Format the date till the table view looks something like the example below.

wordcloud table

Hide the table once the narrative view is ready.

Narrative View Definition


span {margin-left: 3px; margin-right: 3px; cursor: pointer;}
span.High {color: red;}
span.Medium {color: orange;}


style="font-size: @7px;" 
title="Expected Revenue: @3 &#013;Closed Revenue: @4 &#013;# Opportunities: @5 &#013;# Leads: @6"

Row separator: empty

Postfix: empty

Rows to Display: empty

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