Concatenated Fields

Sales Cloud introduced a unique UX pattern called the Overview Page.

When salesreps choose an account form a list, in more traditional applications, they will navigate to a page with all the accounts fields, in edit mode so they can update account details.  But in 95% of the times, salesreps do not check out an account to make changes, they typically are looking for information!

oracle sales cloud page flowIn Sales Cloud, salesreps navigate instead to the Overview page where they can learn what is happening in at the account.  A page where key information is available and some infolets with important KPI’s are shown. The ability to navigate to all kinds or related information like the list of activities or opportunities for the contact or account complements the Overview Page.

before concatenated fields on overview page

There is off course the option to go to the profile page to make changes whenever that is needed.

concatenated fields in edit mode

I love the concept of the overview page, it just makes sense!  But with the infolets, there is not a lot of space left to display key information on the overview page … unless you use a clever trick.

Concatenated Fields

Instead of wasting valuable screen space, why not concatenating a few of the fields that belong together. A good example of this is how an address fields is a concatenation of the street, postal code and city fields. The same thing could be done for function and department or any other set of fields that logically belong together.

In the example below I concatenated the prefix, the first name and the last name.

after concatenated fields on overview page

You could actually use such concatenated fields on list pages also. Seeing these fields together is just more intuitive than seeing them separate.

All I did was using the App Composer to create a new formula field that concatenated the 3 fields.  I then exposed the new field on the page instead of the 3 separate fields.

Formula fields are fields that do not represent a saved value from the record. They use a formula to calculate or concatenate other fields into something new the moment a screen is shown.

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