Focus ‘Around Me’ on Mobile to a specific Location

The Oracle Sales Cloud mobile app has a nice little feature called ‘Arround Me’.  It shows accounts, opportunities and contacts that are located near your location.

When using it though, there has been one thing that has annoyed me for a while, especially when doing video conferences, giving trainings or just showing Sales Cloud to somebody else.  The ‘Around Me’ functionality puts itself on the location where I am, not where my audience is.

Luckily there is actually a solution to this.  You can hard code the location in the App settings to where it has to go instead of your actual location.  This works both for Android as for iOS, it does not work in demo mode.

This is how it can be done:

1.  First and for all find the coordinates in decimal degrees of the location where you want the Around Me map to focus on.  These longitude/latitude coordinates can be easily googled.


2.  Then under settings, for the Sales Cloud app, under Location, enter these coordinates.  The Label is optional.  I have seen Android settings you can actually just click on a Map to set the coordinates.


3.  Open up Oracle Sales Cloud mobile and the ‘Around Me’ map will focus on your coordinates


4 thoughts on “Focus ‘Around Me’ on Mobile to a specific Location

  1. Hi. Do you know where in Sales Cloud I can set my customers address coordinates? I want to use the Arround Me feature here in Costa Rica.

    1. The address coordinates are automatically added to customers and contacts by a background process. Check this post for more details on that process. I am not sure if it works for Costa Rica, but run the process and let me know if it worked.

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