White Space Analysis

In Release 9, Sales Predictor made its grand entrance into the Simplified UI.  Now some more sales prediction magic is coming to Sales Cloud in Release 10 with ‘White Space Analysis’.

When activated, it can be reached as one of the sidetabs on the account list.

For combinations of product/service and customer within a certain scope, these are the following options:

  • the opportunity icon shows that an open or won opportunity already exists
  • the lead icon indicates that a lead already exists
  • a bar code icon shows an asset has been registered for this product against the account
  • past opportunities were rejected
  • the analysis shows there is no potential
  • a green checkmark indicating there is recommendation with sufficient potential for which no opportunity or lead exists

R10 Whitespace Analysis

When examining each of the recommendations, the option to convert the potential into a lead or directly into an opportunity is available through the actions menu.

R10 Whitespace Analysis Convert

More detailed information can be found in this follow up post

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