Pipeline Consolidation for Large Companies

Sales processes in Oracle Sales Cloud are organized through sales stages.  Each opportunity progresses from stage to stage until it hopefully becomes a won opportunity at the end of the sales cycle.


Pipeline reporting is happening against these sale stages.  They are a driving force behind funnel management and forecasting processes.  On a local level, sales stages are perfect to understand how opportunities are progressing through the sales cycles


But what happens for global companies, having different sales processes implemented across different geographical regions?

Imagine a company operating  in two regions:

  • One region where the sales process has 7 stages
  • A second region where the sales process has 5 stages

How would you then be organizing your pipeline reporting?  How do you combine having the flexibility of having multiple sales processes with each their own sales stages with wanting to have a consolidated view across all opportunities when they do not all follow the same sales process?

Enter Sales Phases !

Sales Phases are similar to sales Stages in the sense that they are an indication of where the opportunities are in their sales cycle, but on an consolidated level.


Sales organizations then have the option to report per sales stage for their own organization, but on a company wide level, pipeline reporting can done based on the sales phase.

Sales Phases are very easy to setup.  All you need to do is for each of the sales stages in each of the sales processes, map the corresponding sales phase.



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