R10 New Configuration Tools

All the tools to configure and personalize the user experience have been regrouped under the navigator in a new ‘Tools’ submenu.  The exact content of this tools menu depends off course on the role a user has.  An sales rep will off course have less tools options than an admin user.

R10 Tools

Besides the familiar options from R9 like ‘Announcements’, ‘User Interface Text’, ‘App Composer’, ‘Migration’, ‘Scheduled Processes’, ‘Reports and Analytics’, ‘Setup and Maintenance’ and ‘File Import and Export’, there are a few new ones to introduce:

  • Appearance
  • Structure
  • New Page
  • Worklist
  • Audit Reports
  • Developer Connect
  • Security Console


Here the look of the application can be changed.  By default a very basic theme editor is proposed with only a few options to change the look of Sales Cloud.

R10 Appearance

In the options menu behind the actions button there is an option to go into advanced mode that allows us to be much more detailed in how we want to change the look (theme) of Oracle Sales Cloud.  The options seem to be endless !

R10 Appearance Advanced


This is where the homepage springboard can be configured.  As you can see, some options are grouped in a ‘Sales’ submenu.

Notice also how there is a visible check mark for each icon:

  • When it is completely green, it means the menu option is always available
  • When it is missing, it means the menu option has been taken away from the homepage for everybody
  • When it is partially visible, it means that it is conditionally visible.

R10 Structure

Check out how this grouping of menu options allows you to clean up the homepage springboard.

R10 Structure Result

Also the sidetabs on the list page (e.g. to get to the white space analysis page on the account list, or to the opportunity analysis pages on the opportunity list) are managed from here.  Each of the menu options where sidetabs are available have an option to manage the visibility for these sidetabs here too.

R10 Structure Sidetabs

New Page

Until Release 9, the homepage springboard could only contain buttons to functionality inside Oracle Sales Cloud.  As of Release 10, we can add icons to functions that can be anywhere, as long as they can be called by a URL:

  • This can be an Oracle Sales Cloud page:
    • a direct link to a dashboard
    • a direct link to a report
    • a direct link to a page to create a new appointment using the Sales Cloud deeplinks
  • This can be an external website:
    • a link to a news site
    • a link to the product website that is added to the homepage for partner users so that they have one place within Oracle Sales Cloud where they can manage opportunities but also consult product detail information

I personally have been waiting for this to be added to Sales Cloud and it is finally here !

R10 New Page


This is an overview off all notifications and approvals that have been issued to the connected user.

Audit Reports

This is nothing more than a shortcut to the audit report functionality that was already available in R9, but that had to be reached by looking for the task in ‘Setup and Maintenance’.  This is a nice little usability enhancement.

Developer Connect

This is the place where webservice information can be found, vital for administrators and developers who need these to link Sales Cloud up with other applications through custom integration frameworks or the Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

R10 Tools DeveloperConnect

Security Console

The security console is the new simplified workbench to design and manage roles.  Previously these tasks required 2 tools: Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) and Authorization Policy Manager (APM).

It is a much cleaner solution to meet the following requirements:

  • create and manage roles
  • see who has which roles assigned
  • visualize how roles are related or arranged in hierarchies
  • preview the homepage for a user to check which functions someone in Sales Cloud has access to

and much more.

I will soon dedicate a separate post to this new security console to go more into detail of its capabilities.

R10 Security Console

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