R10 Simplified Territory Management

Territory Management has undergone quite some changes in this latest release with the goal to simplify the process where needed whilst providing sophisticated functionality to drive one of the core processes in Oracle Sales Cloud.

Simplified UI

First and for all, territories can be administrated in a simpler UI. Although the option to switch to the more sophisticated UI stays available through the switch button on the top left of the territory list screen.

R10 TM list


Territories can be viewed and updates can be made to the coverage of the territories, the territory team members and for each of the territories, the child territories can be managed.

R10 MoreSUI TM

Not all functionality has been brought to the simplified UI though.  Some of the more advanced functions remain where they were:

  • gap analysis
  • overlap analysis
  • assignment preview
  • multilevel territory hierarchy view

Update Active Territories

Updates from now on can happen without having to go through the process of creating a territory proposal first.  Updates from now on can happen directly on the active territories!  It is an option that can be enabled on ‘Enable Dimensions and Metrics’ configuration page for Territory Management.

R10 TM active

This does not mean though that territory proposals are disappearing.  Territory proposals still are available as they come in handy when you want to start planning territory changes that need to be activated at a specific moment in time in the future e.g. a new fiscal year.  But in some cases, going through a proposal process to make a little change is just annoying, and from now on no longer needed.

Business Units

A last major change to Territory Management is the fact that an important new dimension was added to help you carve out territories : Business Unit.  Business Units can be used to assign opportunities and leads to the correct territories.

Click here for more information on Business Units



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