Browsing the Sales Catalog

Something dramatically has changed in the opportunity management process in Sales Cloud Release 11!  When you want to add new revenue lines, there is a new alternative way to add products.  Instead of just picking the product or product group from a dull list, you now can browse the sales catalog in a much more user friendly way.

brows button

When using the sales catalog to create revenue lines, you can browse the product hierarchy and add multiple products or products groups to your opportunity at once.  When leaving the sales catalog, all the selected products will have been added as revenue lines to the opportunity and you can complete the revenue lines will all other needed information.

browse sales catalog

From a user experience perspective, I think this is a huge improvement.

Creating the Sales Catalog

Choosing products from the sales catalog is not the only big improvement in Release 11. The way products are managed has changed a lot also:

  • Creating products can now be done in a much more simple screen
  • The product object is easier to extend through App Composer
  • Product changes are easier to synchronize with other applications through full web service and rest api support.

create product

Once products have been defined, they off course still need to be added to the sales catalog.  This functionality in Oracle Sales Cloud has also received a nice user experience overhaul.

manage sales catalog

Price Books and Promotions

Last but not least, I want to highlight the fact that the Price Book objects have received an upgrade and were complemented with a Promotion object.  This will allow you to be more flexible when creating the pricing algorithms that you want to implement in Oracle Sales Cloud.

Just like products, both Price Books and Promotions can be imported or synchronized with other applications through web services and rest api’s.


2 thoughts on “Browsing the Sales Catalog

  1. Edward –
    your blog is very helpful … I have a question around Discounts. as in the example above to set up a “Discount on Product Price” promotion (or product) can we use a negative number. for example, a standard $1 off the base product price if someone enrolls on line. instead of $5 Discount Price can I have $6 standard price and -$1 discount online. thanks

    1. Scott, you are completely free to implement any rule you want as you will have to code how the discounts are used in a groovy formula. You can do whatever you want

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