My reusable task list

Each time we do some configuration in Sales Cloud, we open up the Functional Setup Manager and we start searching for the corresponding configuration tasks. There are many many tasks, but most often, we look for the same ones.

It is actually possible to make your own favorites task list, with your most commonly used tasks so you can find them back easily without having to search for them.

I exported my tasklist so you can rename and reuse it instead of making your own, or you can append to it the other tasks you use frequently.

My exported task list: EdwardTasklist

My task list contains:

  • my most commonly used tasks related to Sales Cloud
  • my most commonly used tasks related to Incentive Compensation
  • my most commonly used tasks related to System Administration

To import:

  • log on to sales cloud as an administrator
  • choose ‘Setup and Maintenance’ from the navigator
  • in the taskbar on the left of the screen, choose ‘Manage Configuration Package’
  • click on the ‘Upload’ button
  • import this zip file with the configuration for my task list

You culd actually use the same mechanism to export the actual setup data too. Not just the tasks to get to profile options or sales methods, but the actual definitions of the profile options and the sales methods.

Leave a comment if you think there are some important tasks missing.

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