Sales Cloud BI Session and Repository Variables

In order to avoid as much hard coding as possible in BI reports, we can use session and repository variables.
e.g. instead of hard coding the current year to 2015 in a report and having to change it next year, you can filter data to the session variable CURRENT_YEAR

A full list of usable variables can be found on the oracle support website

3 thoughts on “Sales Cloud BI Session and Repository Variables

    1. Edward
      Is there a more recent document of variables please?
      For instance I use a variable @{dateCreated} which does not appear here.
      Also does your blog help in guiding how you use date prameters in analyses filters and even calculation dates? e.g. filter where a date is “in the current month” or where a date is “between today plus 6 months” etc?

      1. Richard,
        Good catch, I updated this blog post, the link is not pointing to the latest version of this document

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