Sales Predictor Introduction

Sales Predictor uses existing information in Oracle Sales Cloud, to generate product recommendations and leads.

This is all about not forgetting to sell products, identifying sweet spots, and generate up-sell and cross-sell leads based on the data that is available in Sales Cloud.  Not only does Sales Cloud help you to sell, understanding how and why you won can be used to generate more leads !

The series exists out of 5 more episodes:

Rule Based Recommendations

In its most simple form, Sales Predictor allows analysts to define simple rules that can be used to generate recommendations.  These recommendations are nothing more than tips on where the analysts think deals can be won.  Analysts can also introduce recommendation rules to go with a new product introduction as the analysts might have a much better idea than the sales organization which type of customers might have an interest for the new products.

Rule Based Lead Generation

Once the rules engine has generated recommendations, these can be transformed into leads.  The leads can then be qualified before they are handed over to the sales organization.

Simplified Recommendations

For smaller implementations, a simplified version of the rules engine can be used too.

Model Based Recommendations & Lead Generation

On top of the rules engine, a sophisticated predictive-model engine can be used to generate recommendations and leads.   These recommendations indicate a high chance of sales success based on previous success with similar types of customers.  This is ideal to generate up-sell and cross-sell.

White Space Analysis Deep Dive

White Space Analysis allows the sales reps to convert these recommendations themselves into qualified leads and opportunities.

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