Finding Profile Options & Lookup Types

A lot of the configuration in Sales Cloud is done by setting profile options and changing lookup types and there are a lot of them to play with.  With so many configuration options, it is important to understand how to find the correct profile option and/or lookup type configuration task in order to implement your changes.

Profile option and lookup types are organized under ‘Setup and Maintenance’ in different categories: per domain or per business objects.  e.g. Opportunity profile options can be found under ‘Manage Opportunity Profile Options’ and lead related profile options under … ‘Manage Sales Lead Profile Options’.

The Challenge

If you know which category to look for, having the related profile options grouped together like this can easy to find them quickly.

But what if you do not exactly know what category to look for? E.g. in the list below of Sales Cloud related profile option tasks, which one would you choose to use in order to configure the opportunity assignment process?

Sales Cloud profile option tasks

The Solution

Nothing to worry about though, there is always a fallback ‘Setup and Maintenance’ task where you can find all of the profile options or lookup types across all categories:

  • For profile options, search for the task: Manage Administrator Profile Values
  • For lookup types, search for the task: Manage Standard Lookups

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