Oracle BI Video Tutorial

I will be recording a series of tutorials on how I use the Oracle BI tools.  For these I will use Oracle Sales Cloud as a source application, but most of what I do in these videos can be done using these same BI tools on other applications.

Here is a list of the available and upcoming videos about how to make reports using the Oracle BI tools:

  1. An introduction to Oracle BI
  2. Finding data using Oracle BI
  3. Interactive Reports: View Selector and Column Selectors
  4. All about Tables
  5. Introduction to Graphs
  6. More on Graphs
  7. Filters
  8. Pivot Tables
  9. Basic Narrative Reports: How to build a Word Cloud
  10. Calculated Items and Groups
  11. Functions and Formulas
  12. Dashboards
  13. Advanced Functions and Formulas
  14. Advanced Narrative Reports including HTML5
  15. Smartview
  16. Scheduling and Delivering Reports

Tips and Tricks

Since these videos easily take 15 minutes to watch, I also creating recordings of much shorter little tips and tricks videos:

  1. How to change columns in column selectors
  2. Reusing your formatting efforts
  3. Hiding values when using conditional formatting with images
  4. Calculated fields using values in other rows
  5. Reusable filters
  6. Hiding default interactions
  7. Reporting on data that is not there
  8. Working with the BI Cache
  9. Roll-Up Tables
  10. Reusing Reports (Archive & Unarchive)
  11. Creative prompts using presentation variables

Sales Cloud Videos

Here are some more videos on how to make reports specifically for Oracle Sales Cloud

  1. How to add a drilldown from a report to a application transaction
  2. Building a report over an account hierarchy or a product hierarchy
  3. Adding an infolet to the Sales Dashboard
  4. Combining 2 Subject Areas: My team’s opportunities
  5. Combining 3 Subject Areas: Accounts in my territory

Other Tips and Tricks

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