Sales Campaign emails as Activities

Last week I posted about the changes in Sales Campaigns in R10, how it is much easier to maintain contact lists and how leads and opportunities can be generated from contact feedback.

I did get an interesting followup question on that post I wanted to share today:  The emails that are sent for a sales campaign are not listed by default amongst the completed activities that have happened for the targetted contacts.  Can these be added?

Off course they can.  Besides the fact that all planned and executed appointements and tasks are logged against a contact, and the fact that incomming emails through the MS Outlook and Lotus Notes plugin can be logged against a contact, all email communication happening with contacts through Sales Campaigns can be logged against the contacts too


All that you need to do to register sales campaign emails as activies, is to schedule a background process to periodically (e.g. once a day) run through all executed sales campaigns and register automatically all emails as activities for you.

This is how easy it is to schedule that process:

  • log on to Sales Cloud as Administrator
  • choose ‘Scheduled Processes’ from the navigator
  • Schedule a new Process
  • search for the process called ‘Import Marketing E-Mail Interactions’
  • use the correct scheduling parameters to have this process run as often as you need
  • submit the process

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