R10 Sales Cloud Analytics

So many new things to talk about when it comes to the analytics enhancements in Sales Cloud R10, I do not know where to start!

As you might have figured out already, I quite like analytics.  I am looking forward to making new reports (using as many new things from R10 as possible) and recordings on how I make those.

But I wanted to start by making a quick overview of what is new.

Mobile App Designer (MAD)

Creating reports for mobile devices in Sales Cloud so far was a matter of making sure that existing reports would fit on whatever screen size a mobile device would allow you to use.  It was a matter of reducing the report size, avoiding scroll bars and sometimes even counting pixels, which is not a nice experience for the analyst building these reports.

As of Release 10, Sales Cloud has a new report development tool – Mobile App Designer or MAD – dedicated to make mobile reports.  The drag and drop interface allows you to make easy to use and visually attractive mobile BI dashboards in the form of a mobile app.  Supporting responsive design, designing reports for both smartphones and tablets is now a lot easier!

MAD is not a new tool though, it has been around as part of the Oracle BI suite for quite a while, but is as off Release 10 officially supported by Oracle Sales Cloud.

R10 MAD Intro

I hope to make a recording soon on how to develop reports using MAD!

Sales Dashboard

As described in my R10 User Experience post, a new Sales Dashboard is only a swipe/click away from the Sales Cloud homepage.

R10 HomePage Infolets

Simplified Incentive Compensation reporting

All the Incentive Comp dashboard that were previously available in the classic format have been reworked to match the Simplified, more visually attractive format.

New Subject Areas

A lot of subject areas have been added and some of them come as a real nice surprise!

  • Subject areas have been added for Customer Classification and Partner Classification.  These which will be a great help to understand the specifics of your customer landscape
  • Opportunity Assessment Subject Area which allows us to report on the the answers given to questions on assessments and the resulted scores to these questions and the assessments scores themselves.  This allows us to make reports to see how often assessments are being used in general, or per country, and will allow us to add in the opportunity close/loss analysis which assessments could have provided early warnings of success or failure so sales process can be fine-tuned
  • Opportunity Territory and Opportunity Resources shows all the territories and team members associated to opportunities.  These can be combines with other subject areas to provide deep opportunity analysis taking into account the territories and the team members.  I’ll add a recording on how to make such a report to the list of recording I have planned already
  • Lead subject areas for Lead Contacts and Lead Products allow for more detailed lead analysis reports
  • Similar subject areas to the opportunity territory and opportunity resources have been added for leads: Lead Territories and Lead Resources
  • Partner Relationship Management subject areas for Deal Registration, Partner Contact and Partner Resources have been added also

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