R13 Analytics Enhancements

As you should know by now, reporting is something I am quite passionate about, so I just have to show off some of the R13 Analytics Enhancements 🙂

Here are three new capabilities that caught my eye.

Sales Campaign Reporting

Sales Campaigns  have been around since R10 and there were ways to report over them by reporting over the generated activities, but from R13 on, we can use the marketing related subject areas to also report over Sales Campaigns.  If you want to try the report below to better understand how to report over Sales Campaigns, you can download my example here: Sales Campaign Results.catalog.zip.  A video on how to import reports into Sales Cloud can be found here.

R13 Analytics Enhancements - sales campaigns reportingSystem Usage Reporting

Until now, the customer instance portal provided some insight about the usage of Sales Cloud and Engagement Cloud.  But as this portal is intended to be used by instance administrators, the information could not be made available to some interested Sales Cloud users e.g. line managers might want to understand who is using the application and who is not, who is connecting over mobile and who is not, whether people are only connecting the last few days before the end of the quarter, …

From now on, OTBI reports can give insight in the user adoption of Sales Cloud and Engagement Cloud to application users through the new ‘System Usage’ subject area.  Per Business Unit or per Department, even per user, over time, we now can measure not the number of times users connected through which channel (web, mobile, …), but how many days they were connected.

R13 Analytics Enhancements - user adoption reportingReport Drill Down from Sidetabs

Having extra reporting capabilities is always amazing, but this last enhancement is probably my favorite !

Building navigation paths, by having users search for information in reports and have them drill down from the report into the application is not a new concept to Sales Cloud.  We have been able for a long time now to add an infolet, drill into a more detailed dashboard or report from the infolet and then enabled the capability to take action upon the data discovered in the reports by drilling into the applications, make a change and come back to the report.

There were 2 specific areas where this concept did not apply yet though.  From now on, this technique will work from anywhere where you add a report in Sales Cloud or Engagement Cloud, even from side tabs on a list page or on a detail page where this did not work yet !

The example above shows a drill down from a report on an opportunity list sidetab to an opportunity transaction.

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