Background Processes

When using Oracle Sales Cloud, completely invisible to users, a few background processes could or should be run once in a while, or periodically in order to optimize your Sales Cloud experience.

There are not many and they are easy to run:

  • log on to Sales Cloud as Administrator
  • choose ‘Scheduled Processes’ from the navigator
  • Schedule a new Process
  • search for any of the processes listed below
  • use the correct scheduling parameters to have this process run as often as you need
  • submit the process

Here are the ones I tend to make sure run on the instances I work on:

Import Marketing E-Mail Interactions

As described in this post, this process makes sure that every email generated by a Sales Campaign is attached as a completed activity to the contact that has received the email.  This gives the sales team insight in which emails has been sent over time.

When using Sales Campaigns, this process would be an excellent candidate to be scheduled maybe every night so that the emails sent throughout the previous day become visible of the sales teams the next day.

Generates Sales Historical Snapshots

Also already featured on my blog is a process that takes regular snapshots of the opportunity data so that the status of opportunities as they were captured with these snapshots can be compared over time.  It helps understanding which sales stages take a long time, which opportunities are progressing as expected and which ones are not.  It provides extra insight into the sales funnel or forecast without needing a data warehouse, which is the typical tool that provides such information.

Schedule this process to be run periodically as fits your organization, from daily to weekly, preferably overnight.

Synchronize database search indexes for CRM objects

This background process will index all changed data records to make sure the search engine can find the latest data quickly.

There is absolutely no harm in scheduling this process every 5 minutes as only the latest changes get processed.

Refresh Denormalized Time Dimension Table for BI

Besides working with an ordinary calendar, Sales Cloud works also with an enterprise or fiscal calendar.  This allows the forecast and reporting engine in Sales Cloud to calculate what the pipeline in Q3 is even if that Q2, like for Oracle, starts September 1st instead of April 1st.

In order help the BI engine with these aggregations, each time the calendar is changed, this process has to run.  It therefore always has at least to be ran once per implementation and then every time the calendar gets changed off course.

Run Geocode Generation

Some of these processes have their own setup and maintenance screen in order to be scheduled.  This process cannot be started from the ‘Scheduled Processes’ screen but has to be started from the ‘Run Geocode  Generation’ task screen under ‘Setup and Maintenance’

This job will for each of the addresses in Sales Cloud compute the longitude and latitude coordinates so the addresses can be visualized on a map and in the ‘Arround Me’ feature on Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile.  As these coordinates need to be added or updated as soon as a new address is added, or an address is updated, I guess scheduling this process to be ran once a day or even more frequently would be a good idea.

One thought on “Background Processes

  1. Edward,

    How do I create, for example, to have a report to send via email in a PDF or Excel for a table on a weekly basis so this report is available in their email on Monday morning. I understand they could simply just look at the report however I have found some Sales Managers want reports in their email on a schedule. I see the schedule feature however I have yet to complete it successfully yet.

    Could you provide a simple example, share any tips and tricks, and what some common roadblocks one may run into?

    Again, I as just made aware of your blog in the recent past and provides extremely valuable information.


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